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For replacing an existing pickup, take note to where the Hot & Ground of your old pickups are connected. Replace 1 pickup at a time to avoid any confusion. Start by Carefully snipping or unsolder the Hot & Ground wires from your old pickup, then solder the Hot & Ground wires from the New pickup in their place.

For fresh wiring, installation will vary from setup to setup (as there are many types of switches, control pots, jacks, etc.). Once you understand the wiring of your particular project, you can begin finding the "Hot Terminal" for each position of your pickup selector switch. You will then Solder the Hot Wire from the corresponding pickup to the corresponding Hot Terminal of your guitar's wiring. Once you have located and soldered the Hot wire(s) into place, the pickup(s) must be Grounded. Your wiring may have many "Earth Spots" that you can Ground to (such as the bottom of the control pots). Solder the Ground wire from each pickup to one of the Ground Spots. To test your connections, plug the guitar into an amplifier (at a low volume), and lightly tap the pickup's pole pieces or casing with something metallic (such as a screw or screwdriver). Run through all of your switch's positions, and make sure everything functions.